Silicone Wristbands - an Amazing Cause/awareness Marketing Tool

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It seems what everyone thought would be a fad, is here to stay. Silicone wristbands first burst onto the scene in 2004 with the most notable brand being cyclist and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong's yellow Livestrong gel wristband. What started out as a fundraising and awareness campaign quickly became a fashion accessory. Since then, rubber wristbands have been used by nearly every charity, or cause in North America to create awareness, and follow the trend. The durable, waterproof material makes these wristbands a favorite for all ages and event types.

Cost-effective gel wristbands are still one of the most popular products for many wristband companies. The most successful wristband companies have been producing a unique silicone-type wristband, (EVO wristbands) which are the most popular silicone make wristbands choice because they are made with 100% North American materials, are recyclable, hypo-allergenic (latex-free), and are produced entirely with lead-free products and inks.

Although Cheap Silicone Wristbands wristbands were initially used for cause marketing and to create awareness, they are now popular as school fundraisers, and for fans to support their favorite sports team or athlete. Anyone that wants to promote something has recognized this "in your face" advertising tool. Sports venues, concert tours and major events are using rubber wristbands to promote themselves, and their sponsors. Silicone wristbands serve as a great identification solution during the event, and are often kept afterwards by attendees as keepsakes - such an incredible advertisement opportunity.

And so, what most thought would disappear as quickly as it popped up, Silicone Wristbands,, have remained strong in the market, and are still one of the most effective fundraising tools for organizations of all sizes. The ability to completely customize their color, scent, text and logo keeps these marketing tools relevant and fresh.


As the largest, most public annual awareness campaign in the United States, coordinating for this year's Red Ribbon Week has already begun across the nation. Parents, teachers and volunteers responsible for organizing Red Ribbon fundraisers and awareness events are once again looking for new and exciting ways to promote the prevention of drugs, alcohol and tobacco use. Kicking off yearly during the last week of October, the campaign is intended to create awareness for youth, and start their school year off setting a good example, and encouraging a positive, drug-free upcoming school year.

Companies across the country that support Red Ribbon Week are also doing their part to create awareness. Whether sponsoring schools directly or creating products like awareness wristbands, Red Ribbon is being recognized regularly as an important campaign for America's youth.

North American companies have recognized the campaign and its importance, and some wristband companies have entire wristband awareness collections geared towards Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week wristbands are intended to serve as a reminder of personal commitment to stay drug-free, as well as to help facilitate discussion and further awareness on the topic. Red Ribbon awareness products include the national phenomenon of silicone bracelets, plastic and "sparkle" wristbands, as well as customized key tags, photographic wristbands, and 3D lenticular awareness cards. These products can also be 100% customized to include school information and campaign dates, or most can be purchased in stock patterns that state mottos such as "I Pledge To Be Drug Free" and "Substance Free Is The Way To Be". Promotional products silicone wristbands like these are extremely cost-effective to accommodate for school budgets and non-profit youth organizations, and most companies produce products that meet all FDA and CPSIA lead-free specifications (always ask the manufacturer to provide proof that their production materials meet these requirements).

The most common challenge for Red Ribbon coordinators and volunteers, is finding a way for their campaign to be memorable, and meaningful. Keeping the campaign age appropriate across the board can be difficult with a topic like drugs and alcohol, so finding methods that will stand out, without shocking youth, is key to a successful week. Using Red Ribbon wristbands and promotional print products are a highly effective way to accomplish this.

Schools, businesses, religious groups, families, media and community alliances all come together, each October, to encourage and celebrate healthy drug-free lifestyles. Manufacturing companies like are doing their portion to create awareness, and offer products that will educate youth, and help volunteers and coordinators deliver such an important program on anti-drug awareness to kids in America.

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