Where to Find Free Wristband

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asked Feb 22, 2017 by DarwinLutwyc (120 points)
Hospitals and health organizations give their patients identification wristbands that contain personalized information that doctors may need to know.

1 inch wristbandsWristbands are often used to identify people who have paid admission to an event. One such example is when a person is given a disposable wristband after gaining admittance to a dance club or a concert. The wristband is free, but the admission is not.

People at these same places are often given wristbands when they are verified to be of legal drinking age. This way, the person does not have to show photo identification every time they purchase an alcoholic drink.
Some charities use wristbands as fundraising tools. Sometimes the wristbands are technically free, but the charity will ask for a suggested donation. Certain color wristbands represent certain issues or charities. Many people like to show the different causes they support by obtaining wristbands of different colors.

Yellow wristbands are often given to people who donate to a charity that specializes in cancer research. Charities supporting people with traumatic brain injuries usually have green wristbands. The Red Cross uses red wristbands for fundraisers.
Free wristbands usually come with a price of some sort. Either the person must pay an admission fee, donate money, or be hospitalized to get a wristband.

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