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Okay so while typing out the first story I realised that I might as well use this as an opportunity as a chronicle of my sexual past...I realise that it might not be as exciting as others but hey its mine, it’s all true and we'll there were quite a few highlights....anyways onwards and upwards....A bit of back story on K and myself; well prior to us dating we had been friends for about years. There was always this attraction and sexual tension between us that manifested in the form of merciless flirting from both sides so by the time we started dating we knew each other fairly well which is why things moved kind of fast for us imo… Part As I lay on my bed, my hand still wrapped around my cum covered dick as I try to recover from the intense stimulation, I have to admit to myself that this was the single most erotic and hottest event in my young life. I mean sure I masturbated before but damn me it never felt that intense before. With the phone still pressed to my ear, the sound of k's ragged breathing and soft moans as she comes down from her own high is starting to make my dick harden again. Giving her a few more seconds after which I ask, "" before I can finish my sentence the other end of the line goes dead as she most likely killed the call. If you have any queries concerning in which and how to use jr carrington milf, you can speak to us at our own website. I realise that she must be pretty freaked out by what had just happened and try calling her back but my calls go straight to voicemail. With no other option left to me I sigh loudly and put my phone away all the while with my hand still grasping my cum covered dick....I can't help but recall the events of the phone call from k's admission to masturbating to her actually following my instructions as I guided her towards her own orgasm...naturally this had the effect of leaving me massively turned on and soon my hand was flying up and down my dick...the copious amounts of cum acting as lubrication as I jack off like a man possessed...the sound of k's moans as she masturbated drive me closer to my orgasm and I replay her orgasmic moan over and over mentally as I explode in my shorts for the second time in less than minutes... The rest of the weekend was filled with uncertainty for me ask is not answering any of my texts nor taking any of my calls. I am tempted to rake a walk up to her place on Sunday afternoon but decide against it...I shoot off a quick text to her on Sunday night before turning in myself saying that I hope everything is okay and I ask if I can talk to her at school school, it seems as if the universe has decided to take a hand in keeping me from getting time to chat to k as various issues pop up stopping it from happening and it seems like k is avoiding me as if I had the plague... I finally manage to catch up to k during second interval. I find her standing with a group of her friends engaged in a conversation when she notices me walking towards her. Before she can make her escape, I quickly but gently take hold of her hand and pull her away from her friends. I apologise to her friends and tell them that I need to speak to k about something important and they simply reply that it is okay followed by a chorus of giggles. I guide K around the corner and find a secluded spot underneath the tree still holding onto her hand as I ask, "Did I do something wrong that you are avoiding me all day?...I don't even get a hi or a wave ." K blushes slightly and looks away from me mumbling something. Letting go of her hand I cup her face and turn it towards me as I ask, "talk to me please. What did I do?" K looks at me for a minute before softly saying, "You…you didn’t…it’s not you that did something wrong…I just…I feel…" A slow blush starts to develop one her cheeks and she turns away again unable to continue. Once again I turn her face towards me and say, "Hey, come on k it’s me, nothing’s changed and you know that you can talk to me about anything." I can tell by the way that she is biting her lip that she is either nervous or scared but I remain silent and allow her to compose herself. Taking a deep breath she looks me in the eye and says, "It’s just…you see…I’m sorry about what happened on Saturday. You must think I am a complete slut and I am so ashamed over what happened that I can’t face you…and I understand if you want nothing to do with me." The ball licking milfs last of her words is delivered in a jumbled rush and leaves me feeling slightly confused as I digest them. I’m not sure how long I remain silent but the next thing I know, K is trying to pull her hand out of mine as she pulls away from me saying, "See what I mean, you can’t even talk to me about it." Her face is a mix of contrasting emotions with her cheeks flushed in shame and her eyes glistening moisture as a result of pent up unshed tears. I mentally berate myself for not realising it sooner and pull her close to me and wrap my arms around her. She is still fighting me and trying to pull away as I hold her close and whisper, "I’m and idiot for not realising sooner that you felt t this way. Believe me K; what you said is the furthest thing from my mind. In fact I can’t get enough of you. Why do you think I have been running around school all day looking for you like a crazy stalker?" This comment has the desired effect and she chuckles softly before giving up trying to pull away from me. Still wrapped in my arms, she looks up and me, her eyes a pool of moisture clearly showing her fear and uncertainty before she says, "So…erm…about Saturday...I'm sorry…things just…I don’t know..." I stop her from talking by placing a finger on her lips before saying, "What about Saturday…there is nothing to apologise for and if you do you just might spoil my most amazing fantasy/memory." K’s eyes widen in surprise at my words and before she can say anything I continue, "What happened on Saturday was unbelievable…it was sexy as hell and I could not stop myself from thinking about it and you and how amazing and sexy you are all weekend." K’s eyes widen even more as I continue rambling and her cheeks flush once again but this time I can see the tell-tale signs of a slight smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. She shyly asks, "So you don’t think it was gross or anything?" I can’t help but laugh before I lean down and whisper in her ear, "Babe, to be completely honest, that was the hottest thing ever. I needed to help myself a number of times over the weekend afterwards." Catching the meaning of my words, k burst out laughing saying, "don’t lie…you didn’t." her eyes widened again when she saw that I didn’t deny it and she blushed again as she mumbled, "You telling the truth?" I simply laughed and leaned down to kiss her as an answer but the kiss was interrupted by the school bell announcing the end of interval. I gave her another quick peck and said I will see her after school or if not will call her when she gets home. I need to stay late after school so I don’t get a chance to catch up with k after school. It’s only later on in the day that I managed to get in touch with her. We chat about random things at first, neither one of us wanting to bring up Saturday or the discussion earlier today. I figure that k is probably still freaked out about and guess that nothing is going to happen tonight. K, however surprises me by asking, "So…erm…was what you said earlier true?" not exactly sure what she is referring to and ask her. I can barely make out her response as she softly says, "About what you thought and…and after" My dick goes from - instantaneously as it dawns on me that she is asking about our mutual masturbation session and if what I said I did afterwards was true.

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