Pump up the iPad at CES 2011

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cancer braceletsCancer Bracelets http://www.24hoursbracelet.com. iPhone and iPad accessories and attachments are expected to be popular at this year's tech show International CES. On January 3, American household design and home appliances company iHome revealed the latest editions to its series of new iPad audio devices, to go on display at CES (January 6-9).
iHome, known for its award winning iA100 range of iPad speakers, intends to continue its range of iPad orientated products with the release of the iDM12, iDM15 and silicone bracelets iDM70 at this year's international CES.

The iDM12 is Breast Cancer Bracelets described as "a rechargeable portable Bluetooth speaker system." The speakers are contained in a detachable magnetic sound bar into which the user can stream music or other audio via a Bluetooth connection. The more powerful iDM15 audio set contains two speakers which can be wrapped into a travel case which also doubles as a stand for the mobile device.

The final device that iHome intends to exhibit at CES the iDM70 is purely intended for the iPad. The iDM70 houses the iPad in a protective silicon sleeve containing built-in rechargeable speakers and is essentially triple-purpose, serving as a stand, case and audio device.

All three of these devices are expected to be commercially available later this year. According to a spokesperson for the company pricing details are not yet available.

Other mobile device accessory exhibitors at this year's CES include 4i Concepts and iLounge. 4i Concepts is the creator of the iThumbs external keyboard and the iTorq, which the company claims is the only luxury wristband for the iPod Nano. iLounge also provides a number iPad, iPhone and iPod related accessories, hardware and software.

International CES is one of the biggest events of the technology calendar and is often used as a launch pad for the latest high-tech consumer products. At this year's CES, nearly 100 companies are exhibiting some form of iPad, iPhone or other tablet or smartphone related products.

More information about International CES can be found at: website

More information about iHome's audio accessories can be found at: website

For information about iLounge see: website the site for 4i Concepts (4iconcepts.com) is currently under construction.

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